Consultation      $100

We want to help you develop a personal sense of style and fill possible wardrobe gaps. The initial evaluation will help clearly define your lifestyle and needs and provides a framework for what to keep, what to donate, and what to consign. We want to build you a personal system that lasts through the seasons and is convenient for your everyday lifestyle by organizing your items in a visually appealing manner.

We will identify your personal style based on your questionnaire response and homework you will complete before we meet. A style specialist will then visit your home and assess your current wardrobe, giving you a prescription of exactly what you will need and the time needed, pending on closet square ft and package you decide.


Package 1 is great for those who specifically knows what they want, however just needs another set of hands. The Blogger Armoire team will come and help with your closet clean out process by helping you decide what you should keep, donate, or consign. No need to make multiple trips to get rid of your unwanted clothes as we will do the hauling for you.  

Package 1 includes:


Closet clean out 


We sort and categorize all items into keep, donate, and consign piles. 

Free hauling service




Package 2 is perfect for those who want the full experience! All you have to do is sit back. Our team will do everything to ensure that your closet is functional, clean, and sleek. We also provide you with a new organizing system that will last and withstand through those rushed mornings.

Package 2 includes:


All the perks of Package 1

+ Organization System

We do all the work for you when it comes to putting back your clothes in the proper place while maximizing storage space.

We make it functional yet contemporary for your everyday needs.

+ Wardrobe and outfit coordination

We transform your closet into an easy access for outfit pairings.

We Coordinate wardrobe by season. 

+ Personalized What to Buy List based on your lifestyle, body type, and budget.